Artists / Künstler

Jan van Esch

Bild von Jan van Esch
Jan van Esch is a visual artist and cultural entrepreneur. For the last five years he was the Director of Nafasi Art Space in Dar es Salaam, a cultural meeting point for the visual and performing arts in Tanzania. Currently he is at ZK/U, Center for Arts and Urbanistic, in Berlin as a participating artist in the artist dis-placement program.  He is visiting and participating in different volunteer-run departments of the Red Cross and some smaller grassroots volunteer initiatives in Berlin to discover the motivation of those who are providing free work and time for diverse social goals.

Martiene Raven

Bild von Martiene Raven
Martiene Raven studied Graphic Design and has a BFA in Fashion Illustration. The foundation for her diverse studio started during her education with an introduction to forecasting through her job at Promostyl in Paris. Her passions were further developed after graduation when Martiene worked as a freelance graphic designer and fashion illustrator.After spending the last 15 years at an agency doing concept development, style segmentation, (re)branding and design for businesses, institutions, retailers, as well as entrepreneurs, she is once again going her own way with Studio Martiene Raven.Martiene is also the founder of Rabenmütter, an online trend guide of brands with a conscience. In 2016, she co-founded Hellow, a professional community for international women in Berlin, which has been her home since 2014.